Monday, June 23, 2014

Green Your Beauty Routine: Lip Balm & Lipgloss

Article on Organic Spa Magazine
Summer is almost here! You have probably already started to change your beauty products and rituals to suit the season. More time outdoors in the warm weather can inspire a fresher, more minimal look, which may include swapping lipstick for a tinted lip balm or lip gloss.

They’re just so easy to apply, and they compliment everything from a sexy summer frock to a sarong. A sheer pop of color also looks fantastic paired with dewy, sun-kissed skin (created with natural bronzer, of course!). But what exactly is in this beauty staple that we apply to our pretty pouts several times a day? Lip balm and lip gloss are up next on Green Your Beauty Routine!
You may have heard the statistic that the average woman ingests anywhere from four to seven pounds of lipstick in their lifetime, which is pretty disturbing. While studies on these numbers are varied, I think it’s reasonable to say that if you wear lip balm, gloss or lipstick, you unintentionally consume small amounts of it with each application. Over time and with regular use, this can add up to a lot, especially when it comes to our bodies’ toxic burden. So if you are conscious about the ingredients you put in your mouth, you will definitely want to know about the ingredients you put on your mouth!
Visit Organic Spa to learn about a few of the ingredients we want to avoid in our lip gloss and lip balm and see my picks for safe, sustainable (and summer-chic) choices!

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