Monday, June 23, 2014

Beauty Q + A: Acne & Scarring

Photo by Wendy Hope
Q: After a breakout, I scar very easily. I am looking for a natural product and/or ingredient to help speed up skin cell turnover. Can you recommend anything? Also, what’s the best technique for covering the scars? -Molly, 29, NYC
A: As someone with acne-prone skin, I’m all too familiar with the undesirable after-effects of scarring, so I totally understand! While pimples are certainly annoying, they are short-lived. The scars they can leave behind however, may take months to disappear, or even cause permanent damage. A scar is simply the result of injury to the skin, which in the case of acne, happens when bacteria and sebum build up in the sebaceous gland. In some instances, even after the infection heals, the skin does not return to its former state of clarity. There more inflammation present, such as with severe acne, the more likely a scar will remain. Also, skin with more melanin has a greater chance of scarring. 
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