Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Beauty & Wellness Day #8

We recently held our 8th Beauty & Wellness Day at Coler-Goldwater Hospital, at the Goldwater campus. While each time I do the event, I experience a mixture of compassion, gratitude, sadness and joy, this time was especially bittersweet, for a couple reasons. For the first time ever, I did makeup on a woman paralyzed from the neck down, lying flat on her back. As I saw her attendant wheeling her over, my eyes welled up with tears. I took a moment to breathe deeply, then began to apply her makeup. She seemed so happy, my reaction instantly shifted to pure gratitude. What a gift to be able to bring even a few minutes of happiness to this woman's life!
Teresa and me

Another reason this Beauty & Wellness Day was particularly touching was because I learned this would likely be our last one at Goldwater. The location will be closing to make room for a Cornell University Campus. A new, smaller Goldwater will re-open in Harlem, but it will accommodate less than half of the residents. 
Some will be forced to live independently for the first time in years and others will have to find a way to live with family or friends. I wish for them a positive transition and lots of miracles!

View from the hospital on Roosevelt Island
As always, I am so thankful to help produce this special event. Big thanks to all who make it possible: Ron Becker, Director of Therapeutic Recreation, and his wonderful staff, Trisha Duval, Founder of Angelica Organization, the amazing team of makeup artists, hair stylists and energy healers. I also want to thank green beauty brands Kahina Giving Beauty and 100% Pure for donating their products to give away to the residents... awesomeness! 

If you have ever wanted to donate your time, talents... or products, I encourage you to make it a priority! The rewards are abundant and priceless. Please email me at to be a part of our next Beauty & Wellness Day. 

Taking it all in at the end of the day