Monday, October 24, 2011

Dandelion Almond Latte

If you crave a comforting Chai Latte but want to skip the caffeine, dairy and sugary syrups, have I got the drink for you! One day I decided to brew a cup of dandelion tea, known for it's cleansing, healing and digestive benefits. Next thing you know, I had made something that tasted closer to a yummy latte than a medicinal tea! Here's what I used:

8 ounces of Traditional Medicinals Roasted Dandelion Tea. (Brew for 15 minutes, covered)
2 ounces of Vanilla Almond Breeze Milk, Unsweetened 
Few dashes of organic cinnamon or allspice
1/2 teaspoon of raw honey

You can swap out the Vanilla for Plain Almond Milk, or even better make your own. It tastes best when you heat the milk and all ingredients in a small pot, but you can add the milk cold in a pinch. Honey is of course, optional (and not vegan) but also has some awesome therapeutic benefits.

So not only is my Dandelion Almond Latte delicious enough to substitute for chai, coffee or caffeinated tea, it's super nutritious too. Check out some of the Health Benefits of Dandelion:

- Activates the whole of the digestive tract and liver
- Cleanses the liver
- Relieves tiredness, irritability, skin problems and headaches
- Helps dissolve gallstones
- Increases the flow of digestive juices
- Weight loss, safe diuretic. Replaces lost potassium.
- Stimulates the pancreas in insulin secretion (good for diabetes)

Drink up, detoxify and enjoy! xoxo

Friday, October 21, 2011


Another fresh talent I have recently had the pleasure of working with is the up-and-coming duo, Karmin. Comprised of the voices of Amy and Nick, a guitar and a keyboard, Karmin is "The Little Band with a Big Sound". They've been creating a buzz and a large following on Youtube, covering pop, hip hop and R&B songs and even performing with The Roots! 

Karmin just released their debut single, "Crash Your Party" and I did their makeup for a jam-packed day of press interviews and appearances. I'm a huge fan of Amy's retro-inspired look, plus she's got the perfect face for it, so I had a great time doing this makeup...

Check out one of my fave Karmin videos above. Amy's voice is sweet and she can rap. You go, girl. Nick is dope too! Wishing them all the best with their new album!

Getting Pretty at Polish Bar

Polish Bar is the chic beauty bar in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn where I offer one-on-one makeup lessons, green beauty consultations, makeup applications and brow shaping. On October 13th, we hosted a fabulous event where beauty bloggers, fashionistas and clients were invited to "Get Pretty" with us!

Photos by Marta McAdams, courtesy of The Fashion Bomb
The lovely attendees were treated to airbrush makeup with me, brow shaping with PBB Pro Artist Starr Blackshere, massages and trend manicures. Most of women I met there had never tried airbrushed makeup and I had a blast introducing them to it. They loved the results and remarked how lightweight, yet flawless their skin felt and looked! Yep, that's why I love it, too.

One of the many beautiful, smiling faces that night. Donations from manicure services were accepted to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness via The American Cancer Society. 
Photos by Nik Wes, courtesy of In Her Shoes Blog
Ladies enjoyed cupcake and cake pops by Goodie Box Bakeshop. I didn't try any but they were total eye pretty! I'd love to try their vegan version...

 Champagne n' strawberries, always cute.

The gorgeous hosts of this soiree were none other than Polish Bar owner, Tricia Lee Riley (center), publicist Renae Bluitt of Crush Media and In Her Shoes blog (left) and The Fashion Bomb founder Claire Sulmers. We love celebrating beauty and look forward to hosting many more fun events, including group makeup demonstrations, networking socials, fundraisers and more. Hope to see you there next time, but for now, come and "Get Pretty" with me at Polish Bar!

Call 718.783.5363 or email me at to make an appointment for my Beauty Services.