Monday, August 15, 2011

Crazy Sexy Weekend with Kris Carr

Last month, I had the treat of assisting one of my Green Guru Goddesses, the amazing Kris Carr, on a 3-day workshop she was hosting at the Omega Institute in Rhinecliff, NY! The theme was "Creating a Powerful Self-Care Plan" and included Yoga Instructor Elena Brower and Tapping Expert Nick Ortner. They led a group of over 50 people through the fundamentals of proper nutrition, enlightening yoga practice and tapping (also known as EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) through mental and emotional blockages. I was on board to simply give Kris a helping hand with anything she needed throughout the workshop.

Over the 3 days, everyone in the room received loads of inspiration, important self-care tools and many experienced tremendous "shifts" in their physical, mental and emotional states. Kris blessed us with a run-down of the entire Crazy Sexy Diet, including a show-and-tell  of what's in her pantry! It was great to see how many items were familiar and learn some about some new ones, too. This woman is such an inspiration! This is one of my fave vlogs of hers about the pH balance:

The gorgeous Elena Brower guided us through two love and light-filled yoga sessions and reminded us that a successful practice only takes 5-10 minutes per day! Elena is the owner of ViraYoga in NYC and the lead instructor of many large scale yoga classes in Central Park, Times Square and much more. Learn more about Elena on her beautiful website and check out this fierce Yoga Asana she did with Adidas. LOVE her!

Last, but certainly not least, Nick Ortner, creator of the film The Tapping Solution, taught us how to "tap" on the meridians to release negative emotions and create new ways of thinking. Tapping is a simple, yet powerful, practice that anyone can do, at any time! I highly suggest you check out his website and film to see just how it works. Here's a clip for starters...

When we weren't in the workshop, we had plenty of time to enjoy delicious vegetarian meals in the Omega Dining Hall and explore the beautiful grounds. Happily, I was assisting alongside sister Health Coach Jenny Sansouci, founder of the awesome site, Healthy Crush. We graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition together, so we had a great time talking business, brainstorming and revising our very own "Powerful Self-Care Plans"!

It's no surprise that three days of communing with nature and so many AMAZING people inspired me to the core. I left feeling motivated to take my own self-care to a deeper level AND to help many others do the same. The workshop re-affirmed my belief that health is truly a result of what we eat, drink and think; each element directly affects the others. However, to quote Kris: "change your plate, change your fate", because proper nutrition gives you the energy and clarity to make more healthy choices!

Thank you for the Crazy Sexy Weekend Kris, Elena, Nick and Jenny! xoxo

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