Thursday, June 2, 2011

Be a Sun-Less Goddess

Over the years, I have gotten more responsible about protecting my skin from the sun, as much as I love the way it feels and how it makes my skin glow! As the temperatures rise and it's time for cute dresses and bathing suits, I am ready to get glowing for Summer 2011. In the past, I have used sunless tanning as a safer alternative to laying out in the sun. While I have gotten decent results from conventional brands, the load of chemicals and the distinctively strong smell, are major turn-offs. Since this year has been all about cleaning up my beauty products, I really wondered how I would go about getting my tan this summer.

So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled to hear about an organic, chemical-free sunless tanning product called Chocolate Sun. Using DHA (the active ingredient in sunless tanners) derived from the sugar of beets, Chocolate Sun provides a truly safe alternative for getting your tan on. Not only does it give skin a healthy glow, with all-natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera gel, it nourishes the skin at the same time. Cocoa oil adds beneficial antioxidants, plus a delicious, sweet scent.

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, I decided to try Chocolate Sun's Cocoa Glow, a creamy lotion that gives a medium-level color for the body. My skin tone is light, but with olive undertones, so I usually get a nice golden color with a bit of sun (or sunless tanning). I applied Cocoa Glow liberally from the neck down and waited about 5 minutes before putting my clothes back on. I liked that the product didn't feel sticky or take a long time to absorb into the skin. As a chocolate-lover, I adored the way it made my skin smell- yum! What a welcome change from the typical scent that accompanies most sunless tanners.

After a few hours, I began to see a some color developing. To be honest, I was already sold on Chocolate Sun based on the ingredients and scent alone, but it was nice to see the results... a subtle, golden glow with not a streak in site! To build the tan, I re-applied a day later and was again very happy with the natural, gradual progression. 

I felt great about baring my arms and legs over the holiday weekend, which just so happened to be the start of summer weather in NYC. All the better when my friends noticed my tan and I loved telling them it was sunless, organic and came from beets! With that said, I am officially a fan of Chocolate Sun and look forward to trying the rest of their line, which includes a face moisturizer/sunscreen and a sunless facial tanner. 

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