Friday, April 15, 2011

Live Beautiful

I was super honored to be asked to participate in Organic Beauty Vixen's very first "Live Beautiful Expert Series". (It was my very first time speaking on a panel and I had a blast!) Organic Beauty Vixen's founder, Sherrell Dorsey, invited myself and three others to share our expertise in beauty, health, fitness and self care. The inspiration was to create an open discussion about how we can best provide the tools and resources to help people "Live Beautiful" in every area of their lives.

From left, Randy Schecter, Co-Founder of the Energy Kitchen, Me, Green Makeup Artist and Holistic Wellness Consultant ;) Dawn Fitch, Founder of Pooka Pure & Simple (natural body care products), Sherrell Dorsey, Founder of Organic Beauty Vixen, Victoria Francis, Founder of NouriShea (natural body care products) and Robert Brace, Fitness Trainer and Creator of Lean25.

Chatting it up about my favorite things was so much fun! Sherrell lead the discussion with a series of great questions such as "What are some of the challenges you have faced as you have worked to inspire people to change and improve their lives" and "How do you cut through the clutter and stay ahead of trends in beauty, health and fitness?" The audience was engaged throughout and participated in a session of Q & A at the end. 

The event took place at the brand-new Aloft Hotel in Harlem, NYC. Not only does the hotel have a chic and modern appearance, but it's all ECO! Aloft has a "see green" program, which includes environmentally conscious amenities; including everything from their construction, to cleaning products and body care items. Oh, so chic!

Don't forget to check out the Organic Beauty Vixen's site for tons of useful  information on beauty and health. The founder Sherrell is such an awesome and inspiring young woman, who is really trailblazing the movement of beauty from the inside out. I look forward to collaborating with her again in the near future. 

xo RC

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