Thursday, April 21, 2011

Crazy Sexy Miracles

One of my favorite things about what I do, is working with people l admire. So you can imagine my excitement to do makeup for both Gabrielle Bernstein and  Kris Carr, for their Crazy Sexy Miracles lecture in NYC! You may already know I've been hanging with Gabby, soaking up tons of love and wisdom through her lectures and group coaching sessions. If you read my previous post about Kris Carr and Crazy Sexy Diet, you know how I adore her and how thrilled I was to meet her in person! 

Kris & Gabby strikin' a pose with each other's books.

Gabrielle dropping knowledge and looking pretty, while she's at it.

How happy am I, touching up Kris as she sips her green juice?

This woman is truly a Wellness Warrior and self-proclaimed "Prevention is HOT" Cheerleader. After being diagnosed with a rare cancer, Kris decided on a holistic approach, changed her lifestyle and is now healthy and happier than ever. What an inspiration.

The lecture was packed with nearly 200 people, with another 150 or so joining via the internet. Kris and Gabby offered up the perfect blend of spiritual, mental and physical motivation. The common thread? Change your mind, change your life and expect miracles. Woohoo!

I'm so grateful to know these awesome women and I HIGHLY recommend that you check into their work. Follow 'em on Twitter, get their books, watch their lectures... lots of ways to enjoy!

Gabrielle Bernstein

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