Monday, January 10, 2011

Welcome the Green Beauty Team!

I'm pleased to introduce a brand new website dedicated to one of my favorite topics, Green Beauty! Freelance makeup artist and green glam girl Kristen Arnett has just launched Green Beauty Team, an online resource for more natural, safe and eco-friendly beauty products. Upon learning more about the toxic ingredients prevalent in so many of the products we use each day, Kristen was inspired to revamp both her personal and professional beauty kits. Taking on the challenge of finding makeup that's both safe and effective for everyday use, as well as on the job, she delved into extensive research and trials. Kristen's findings prompted her to present her discoveries in a way that would help educate and inspire others to green their beauty routine.

On a sweltering day last summer, Kristen and I bonded over iced tea and our mutual passions at her lovely garden apartment. It was exciting for me to talk with another professional who had made great progress in determining what worked and what didn't in the world of sustainable beauty. I was so grateful to find an ally on my journey. Later, Kristen shared her plan for the Green Beauty Team and asked me to be a contributor for the Makeup and Self-Care sections. Naturally, I was thrilled to join her! 

Please do visit the site and check out my first article there, Brush Up On This, a review of some of my favorite vegan makeup brushes. Stay tuned for informative and practical content from a team of industry experts who have made Green Beauty a mainstay in their lives and work. 

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