Monday, January 17, 2011

The Spider Goddess

My new year began with an exciting new client, actress T.V. Carpio. Originally cast as part of the Geek Squad in Broadway's "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark", T.V. has now stepped into the lead role of spider-woman villainess, Arachne. With a wonderful whirlwind of publicity surrounding T.V.'s debut, we have had the opportunity to work together several times this month. T.V. was featured in USA Today, Good Morning America, and quite a few others. Here's one of my favorite press shots from the bunch:

I have had the pleasure of meeting T.V. prior to working together and she is a genuine person and talent. Not to mention a total cutie with an awesome sense of personal style! Best known thus far for her role as Prudence in "Across the Universe", I have no doubt that T.V.'s embodiment of the Spider Goddess Arachne will take her career to new heights.

Wishing T.V. a safe and successful spin as Arachne in Broadway's "Spider-Man"! Check her out in the thrilling new show!

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