Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Beautiful Thing

At any moment in time, we can choose to change our thoughts and in turn, our life! Every season, month, day, hour and even minute can be seen as an opportunity to start fresh. However, reclaiming our intentions at the start of the New Year is part of a powerful tradition that generates a collective consciousness. Reflecting on the past, evaluating the present and making changes for a brighter future, creates a stir of positive energy and resolutions.

It's always helpful to take a moment or two, and look back on all you have experienced and accomplished- in just a year's time. Reflecting on the growth gives you a greater appreciation for where you are right now... doing what you had once only hoped to do! Let's take some time to be grateful for our achievements, lessons and present success.

Whatever you didn't love about last year, be open to see the lesson in it and let it go. Remember that everyone and everything is in our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Letting go makes space for the newness you are welcoming with open arms, hands, mind and heart...

It's a divine time to renew your commitment to create the life you desire and deserve. Whatever that looks like to you, feels like to you, hold onto that vision/feeling and give it pure intention. Remember we already have everything we need. Sometimes, we need a little support to tap into all of our gifts, so don't be afraid to reach out. There are so many amazing communities, consultants, coaches, trainers and healers that want to help guide you along your path.

The positive vibrations in the air really inspire my own personal mission, to help people cultivate more inner AND outer beauty. Becoming a Certified Wellness Consultant was/is a major highlight in my year gone by. I am so thankful for all the growth it has inspired and how it will continue to grow. This year, I am looking forward with knowing gratitude for the ability to help others and in turn help myself. And THAT is a beautiful thing.

xoxo Rebecca

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