Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Beauty & Wellness Gift Guide

Happy Holidays Beautiful People! I've hand-picked some special gifts that are sure to bring beauty, peace and love to anyone lucky enough to be on your gift list. I hope it inspires!

Vapour Organic Beauty, winners of the Allure Best of Beauty Awards this year, is offering a 5-pack of their Elixir Lip Glosses, valued at $100, for just $50! This organic gloss provides a high shine, sheer tint, nourish the lips and smell delicious. Great beauty buy.

I'm a fan of the small, but tight line of color and skincare from Revolution Organics. This season they have created a couple sweet packages; Gloss & Glow, which includes their 100% natural  and organic Freedom Lip Gloss and Beauty Balm, for $48, and the Winter Skin Rescue Kit, which includes their luxurious Skin Creme (pictured above), Lip Balm, All Over Body Balm and Beauty Oil, for $69.

I've recently acquired this cute eyeshadow palette by Josie Maran  and I adore the packaging, which reads "eye love you" and is decorated with feathers and hearts! The colors inside are great basics that can be used for natural and more dramatic looks. Argan oil is added, parabens and fragrances are not! It's a Limited Edition product and can even be purchased at Sephora.

Created in small batches using the finest, 100% organic ingredients, A Perfume Organic makes an exquisite gift. The potions feature unique blends such as sage, lemon balm and spearmint (White Magic), black truffle, roman chamomile and ylang ylang (Green) and more. They ALL smell divine, if you ask me! Check out their site for details and stop by Georgia or Urban Outfitters to take a sniff for yourself!

Burning sage is a traditional Native American ritual that's done to clear negative energies around your body, home or workspace. Also called smudging, it's great for meditation, cleansing the spirit after a stressful day and bringing a feeling of peace to your environment. If you can't burn it or just can't take the smoke, this Smudge Mist by White Magick , at just $7.50, is a perfect substitute!

This film is a MUST see for anyone who has even the slightest interest in what they are putting in their body. Food, Inc. is a powerful documentary that exposes what's really going on in our nation's food industry. Informative, entertaining, shocking and inspiring all at once! Give someone an eye-opener they won't (and shouldn't) soon forget ;)

I highly recommend Sophie Uliano's "Gorgeously Green" as a go-to guide for all that is Earth-Friendly. She outlines your alternatives in every area: food, beauty products, cleaning supplies, fashion, travel and gardening. Easy and fun to read, yet very thorough. Great addition to any personal library.

Last, but not least, give someone you love the gift of true Beauty & Wellness by booking them a consultation with ME! Do you know someone who wants to have a healthier, more balanced and beauty-full life but is not sure just where to start? I am continuing my offer for a FREE initial consultation by phone, through January 2011. Send them to www.RebeccaCasciano.com now and they will love you for life!

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Citrus Love said...

Food Inc. is definitely one of the best movies. I highly recommend it as well.