Friday, November 19, 2010

KBB Glam Session #4

Miss Ellisa is the total sweetheart who helps run Karen's Body Beautiful with style and smarts. An avid writer, Ellisa not only contributes to 4 online mags, but has created her own site, highlighting inspirational people, ideas and images. At just 22 years old, I would say she is already quite an influencer in her own right!

Ellisa has a natural approach to beauty, so I wanted her makeup look to reflect that. I treated her to the Naturally Chic service from my beauty menu at KBB, which simply enhances the features in a subtle yet noticeable way. I used Tarte's matte almost black, deep shimmering chocolate and vibrant shimmering copper eyeshadows to accent Ellisa's amazing eyes and gave her lips a pop of peach with Jane Iredale's Pure Gloss in Cotton Candy. I loved the results and so did she!

Ellisa Oyewo, 22 I am currently the manager at Karen's Body Beautiful with a hidden written talent. I currently write for Coco & Creme Magazine, Clutch Magazine, In Her Shoes Blog,the blog editor of  and run my own site

One day I'm striving to be a full time culture writer while traveling across the world indulging and covering a variety of music, literature, fashion, food and just overall the complete lifestyle of global cultures.

What makes you feel beautiful?
I feel the most beautiful when I am in my most vulnerable and honest state. If I go through a situation that makes me pull all of my  barriers down  and I can simply just be me, that's when I feel most comfortable & beautiful. This is usually either when I am immersed in my passion of talent of writing and dance where I feel like I can be completely free.

What's your favorite feature? favorite feature I have to say are my eyes.
What's your favorite food?
This is a hard one! Let's see, I know this is not original but there's something magical about super nachos :) 

Ellisa on her Naturally Chic: "I loved the fact that when I was finished that I felt like a whole new person! I adored how she personalized my make up to fit my personality and style! Not only did I feel beautiful but comfortable too!I wish I could look like that everyday!"

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Looking forward to seeing you and stay tuned for the next KBB Glam Session!

Photos by Tracy Toler

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