Friday, November 5, 2010

KBB Glam Session #2

When I decided to do the Glam Sessions, I knew I had to get Latham Thomas in my chair. Latham was one of the first models to get photographed with my makeup and has continued to be an inspiration on my journey. Her work with women includes Green Culinary, Holistic Nutrition and Yoga services, with a specialty in maternal wellness.

When Latham came to visit me at Karen's Body Beautiful for her "Naturally Chic" session, she was on her way to a meeting then to a martial arts class. We decided to keep the makeup natural yet sexy. I lightly shaded Latham's expressive eyes with my Alima Pure Satin Matte and Luminous Shimmer Mineral Eyeshadows and gave her cheek a pop of color with their Satin Matte Blush. 

Latham Thomas, 30. Entrepreneur in women's wellness, founder of Tender Shoots Wellness.

What makes you feel beautiful?
Embracing my feminine qualities. Making time for self care- like a hot bath by candle light, adorning myself in beautiful clothing. 

What's your favorite feature?
On my face or in general? Hmmmm, for my face I think my freckles. In general, lips and eyes are also very intriguing.

What's your favorite food?
Brussel sprout greens, they taste like a mix of cabbage and tender and sweet.

"I like that Rebecca knows how to bring out the best in my face. She really understands how to make the look so subtle yet, glamazon at the same time. After spending time in her care I felt more vibrant." 

Much thanks Latham! I love doing your makeup and look forward to many more Glam Sessions with you!

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Looking forward to seeing you and stay tuned for the next KBB Glam Session!

Photos by Tracy Toler

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