Monday, November 29, 2010

7 Questions for Arganica

I met Bianca Beldini, one of the founders of Arganica, through a mutual friend of mine and I am oh- so grateful for the intro! Not only is Bianca a passionate, intuitive healer of 15 years but she is committed to creating a holistic, sustainable beauty product for all skin types. Initially, I wondered about using an oil on my already oily and acne-prone skin, however after talking with Bianca and doing some research, I recognized that not all oils have the same properties. I started using Arganica months ago and I love it! It feels and smells wonderful (infused with Frankincense ;) and disappears into the skin without any residue. I wear it as a moisturizer under makeup and to nourish the skin while I get my beauty zzz's! 

I'm honored to present this fantastic lil' interview with Bianca and hope it inspires you to get some Arganica ASAP! This stuff is the TRUTH! Enjoy ;)

1) Who are the founders of Arganica, Nature's Age Defying Skin Food? 

Arganica was founded by Bianca Beldini and Jodie Tassello “accidentally” during their trip to the Moroccan Casbah in August 2009 when they met a medicine man who shared with them the “secret to what makes all Moroccan women beautiful”. What woman doesn’t want to know the answer to this question??? Jodie is Arganica’s botanical mixologist. She takes nearly 2 decades of research science to the formulating table in which her experience with immunotherapy, cancer and viruses gives her first hand knowledge of how the effects of toxic chemicals can change the human physiology. Bianca is a certified Aromatherapist and Oriental medicine practitioner whom understands botanical chemistry and how to use its therapeutic synergism. 

2) What inspired the creation of Arganica? 

The inspiration of Arganica was threefold. 1.We wanted to use only that which comes from the earth: SUSTAINABILITY...the use of ingredients that are whole, pure and complete, just the way they are found in nature without destroying our ecosystem. 2. We wanted to help and support those that cultivate what we receive from the earth: EMPOWERING...we source our Argan oil only from women’s cooperative in Morocco to ensure the highest quality grade cold pressed oil as well as engaging in fair trade practices. 3. We wanted to really listen to the secrets of mother nature’s botanical story of longevity: AGE DEFYING.

3) How does Arganica benefit the skin?  

One unique property of Arganica is that the composition of our argan oil is high in botanically sourced squalene.  Squalene has a chemical similarity to human skin sebum. So, it is essentially “like feeding like” will notice when applying Arganica, your skin literally “drinks in” the oil often saying thank you by becoming soft and balanced.  Our skin is our armor against a world of environmental pollution, food degradation and stress and it needs to be nourished in order to stay healthy.  Arganica is ‘natures age defying skin food’. 

4) What do you want people to know about natural skincare? 

Mother nature gets it right. EVERY TIME! Every flower knows how to blossom.  Every tree knows how to extract nutrients from its roots. Nature cannot be processed, changed or made better in a laboratory.  Human ego, getting in the way, changes the complete perfection of what is pure and good.  Staying true to the source, whether it be what you eat, what you clean with or what you put on your skin is the ultimate form of thriving and surviving.

5) What sets your line apart from other Argan oils on the market? 

Arganica is an artisinal brand in which we create small batches of argan oil infused with therapeutic grade essential oils to ensure potency, uniformity and botanical synergy. We created every piece of our company: logo design, recycled packaging, labeling, miron glass bottling, infusing, decocting and shipping. We are truly proud of being the source of Arganica.  

6) What are your future plans for Arganica? 

We were given a golden piece of advice: stay contained. We are not interested in creating a multiple line of fragmented products.  We are evolving our line in progression. With that being said, our near future plan is to create an oil based face cleanser that will blast the myth of needing something that foams or suds to equal cleanliness.  We intend to undo the brainwashed belief that scrubbing, rubbing and sudsing means clean. In actuality, this strips our own natural oils thus leaving our skin open to degeneration, dehydration and the need to rapidly produce more oils! Our far reaching plan is to be a major positive force and change agent in the world of the skin care industry. 

7) Where can we purchase your product?  

Arganica can be purchased through our website  HYPERLINK "" We are also presently being carried at Townhouse Spa in NYC and the Tobit Wellness Center in PA. You can find us on Facebook under Arganica and to follow us on Twitter @ArganicaOil. 

Be sure to check out the site for loads of info and scientific research on the many benefits of this amazing product!

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