Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What's New and Good

In January 2009, I began my blog, Life Is Beautiful as a way of celebrating all the beauty in life. Being a makeup artist, it's easy to find inspiration in art, creativity, my models, projects and people who I meet along the way. While I help create outer beauty in my makeup work, I was always in tune with the aspect of expressing inner beauty. To me, this means having a beautiful spirit or energy, self confidence and treating oneself with love and appreciation.

photo by Tracy Toler

Through personal experience, I learned the benefits of honoring my body (and beauty) by choosing a holistic lifestyle. It all begins with what you feed yourself, because what you eat creates your muscles, blood, bones, skin, hair, nails etc. But food affects your mood, thoughts, energy level and overall vibration! The holistic approach incorporates the whole self- mind, body, beauty and spirit- and I wanted to apply this concept to my life's work.

About a year ago, I blogged about my new mission to help people not only look more beautiful, but feel just as great. Since then, I have graduated from the amazing Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I am now a Certified Holistic Wellness Consultant. During this truly wonderful and transformative experience, I put "Life is Beautiful" to the side...temporarily. But I love blogging! I'm back now and energized to begin my mission, spreading more Beauty&Wellness!

Thank you for following and supporting the continued evolution of Life Is Beautiful. I will still be posting about my latest makeup projects and inspirations in both Beauty and Wellness. You can expect to see an additional influence of Beautiful Foods, Thoughts and Products that reflect my philosophy on inner and outer beauty.

So what's new and good?
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Live Beautifully,
xo Rebecca

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