Friday, October 29, 2010

So Fresh and So Clean

When it comes to our personal care products, I really believe the ones we use every day can have the biggest impact on our health. In our culture, being well groomed is of the utmost importance and most Americans regularly use deodorant to keep us feeling fresh and clean. 

The issue is, most anti-perspirants and deodorants contain toxins that have been linked to breast cancer, respiratory disorders and Alzeheimer's disease. Obviously designed to keep you dry, anti-perspirants/deodorants are composed of aluminum compounds that close pores, stop sweat and odor. 

Here's the thing- like it or not, sweat glands are there for a reason, to purge toxins! When that process is blocked, the toxins don't disappear but become trapped in lymph nodes under the arms. On top of this, when we shave, we open the pores and can also create small nicks in the skin. This clears the way for all the undesirable chemicals such as aluminum and parabens to be absorbed by our bodies. Yuck!

For me, the evidence was inspiration enough to switch out my Degree for a natural alternative. Let's just say, I tried "several" brands before I found a winner! The thing is, I can get used to a little dampness, but not smelling 100% fresh was a little beyond my comfort zone!  Many of the natural brands I tried didn't do enough to neutralize odor and some actually irritated my skin after shaving. For awhile, I went back and forth between the Degree and the natural deodorants, feeling torn between making a healthy choice and an effective choice. 

Then I found The Healthy Deodorant by La Vanila and I LOVE it! It's totally toxin-free, but loaded with antioxidants, botanicals and essential oils. The ingredients work together really nicely to keep you smelling sweet, feeling dry, comfortable and confident. It's very soothing after shaving, so no burn or irritation at all. And, it's available in 4 luscious scents, Vanilla Lavender, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Coconut and just plain Vanilla. They all smell sooo good that I switch between the scents each time I buy.

The Healthy Deodorant is $18 and it's available at a Sephora near you or directly through La Vanila's website Obviously, I highly recommend it. However, everybody has a different body chemistry, so I would love to hear about YOUR experience with it, or any other natural deodorants you like!