Friday, October 29, 2010

KBB Glam Session #1

Welcome to the first KBB Glam Session, where I pull real women off the street and glam them up! Well not literally, but in this case, Michelline was running errands and stopped by Karen's Body Beautiful to say hello. A few minutes later, I had her in my chair giving her the "Glam Goddess" treatment! 

Michelline has expressive, almond shaped eyes, so I really wanted to accentuate them with something smoldering. I used deep pewter eyeshadow and chocolate brown eyeshadows by Tarte and Jane Iredale. I kept the rest of her look neutral, just adding a bit of color on the cheeks and lips. I contoured her lovely bone structure with the airbrush, then added a very full lash to make it certified Glam!

Michelline Chassagne, 37 yrs old, works in Music Programming & Management, Arts & Entertainment.

What's your dream?
Finding solutions to help another improve the quality of their individual lives. (Health, literature, music therapy, arts, etc...that's the inner-philanthropist in me speaking. :)

What makes you feel beautiful?
Sunshine...Moonlight...oh, and eating well plus exercise!

What's your favorite feature?
My brown eyes because I think they tell a story.

What's your favorite food?
Leafy greens, pineapple curry tofu, and vegan pizza....I'm so sorry, I can't choose one, lol :)

Michi also said:

"I LOVED how creative & selective you were with your color palette.  You truly treat the human face like a canvas & you go for it.  You assessed what hues would look best on my face. Not too mention, how quick you turned my everyday look into a GLAM GODDESS look. I'm hooked on RC beauty services ;)"

Thank you so much Michi! You are truly a Goddess! 

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Looking forward to seeing you and stay tuned for the next KBB Glam Session!
Photos by Tracy Toler

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