Monday, October 25, 2010

Going More Green

While I've been organic, green and natural in most aspects of my life for awhile, I'm on a new mission to "green" my makeup kit! While I know a good deal about the ingredients to avoid in my foods, I've haven't gone all the way with my beauty products. Call me vain, but I felt that the natural alternatives were boring, sheer and wouldn't do what I needed them to. And some of them don't, especially for professional jobs requiring more pigment and longer wearability. But for most of us wearing the basics everyday, there are tons of options. Why continue to slather our skin with toxic ingredients that inevitably end up in our bloodstream? While I'm not a purist, I do believe in making small changes where we can.

This cute but powerful video gives a fantastic explanation about what goes into the making of our makeup and beauty products. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a must watch and share!

I also want to share the "Dirty Thirty" list with you but it's quite long! Take a peek at the Teens for Safe Cosmetics site at You may want to keep it in mind when choosing your next shampoo, deoderant or lipstick! Stay tuned to Life Is Beautiful for product reviews on my picks for "greener glamour"!

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