Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Be Naturally Gorgeous!

On my pursuit of more natural makeup options, I found this fabulous mineral makeup line, Alima Pure. I was impressed with their extensive website, color options and I even love that cute lil' bird logo! The site contains an awesome ingredient glossary, ingredients to avoid list and more on mineral makeup. Their foundation color range was among the largest I've seen among the natural brands. Alima's price points are totally reasonable, with eyeshadows at $9 and foundations at $20. They will even send generous samples of all their products for $1- $1.50 each! Also loved the fact that have a gift incentives for recycling their packaging. Then I ordered some product!

I received a beautiful range of foundation samples, which I found to be very true to a variety of skin tones. I haven't been a huge fan of mineral powder foundations, but Alima's does give a "Satin Matte" finish, as its name indicates. It's not too flat or too reflective like some others I've tried. I also got several lush eyeshadows, in matte and shimmer finishes, that go on smooth and give a great color-payoff. 

Alima Pure is created free of potential irritants like bismuth oxychloride, talc, dyes, fragrances, parabens, phthalates and preservatives. They have also been certified by the BDIH, which is a highly regarded German certification for natural cosmetics. The European Union has a strict regulation on what's considered "natural" banning more than 1000 harmful chemicals. The US FDA has banned 10...but that's another post!

All that, plus Alima Pure does have a lovely selection of color options for face, cheeks, eyes and even lips. Definitely worth checking out their site and ordering up some samples to determine your "colors". Click on that sweet "I'm Naturally Gorgeous" badge on the right column of the blog or here,


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Alima!!! They are the best! The samples are perfect, they give a generous quantity . Having the samples allows you to test the product for a week or more before you make a decision. They even handwrite a "thank you" note! Love them! Wendy Leonard


Yes, I agree! Loved the way everything was packaged like a gift ;)