Tuesday, October 26, 2010

7 Questions for Karen of Karen's Body Beautiful

As you may know, I have recently joined forces with the amazing Karen Tappin-Saunderson of Karen's Body Beautiful in Ft. Greene, Brooklyn. She has welcomed me into her sweet smelling boutique and spa, which I now call home to my new Beauty & Wellness Services! I've enjoyed Karen's luxurious bath, home and body products for years and I love the fact that she uses simple, natural and few ingredients. You can actually pronounce everything on the ingredient list! I'm so excited about partnering with Karen to offer you a multitude of ways to keep your inner and outer Body Beautiful!

Karen in her boutique with products. Did her makeup here ;)

1) What is Karen's Body Beautiful?
Karen’s Body Beautiful is an authentic brand which takes a healthy, holistic approach to beauty by creating handmade hair, body and bath products made from a diverse selection of the highest quality natural ingredients from around the world.  
I firmly believe that health, beauty and wellness are entwined and so nature supplies us with all of the ingredients we need to create products to enhance your natural beauty.  

2) What inspired it's creation?
The inspiration came to me in the summer of 2003 while  I was on summer vacation from teaching high school history, Karen's Body Beautiful was born!  I spent the summer researching and experimenting with the many oils, butters essential oils and herbs we use, and I discovered my passion.
In the fall of 2003 when I returned to teaching, I offered my creations to our friends, family, and co-workers and the response was overwhelming!  Six months later in February, 2004 I opened my Clinton Hill, Brooklyn body & bath boutique to share my creations with the world.

3) How would you describe natural beauty?
Natural beauty ultimately comes from the inside and beams through to the outer appearance of a person. Karen’s Body Beautiful is a brand that wants to continue to build upon the true beauty that our customers already have from within. Our goal is just to continue to nourish it.

4) What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
My favorite aspect about my business is interacting with the customers. I hear numerous stories from hair frustrations to self esteem. By me owning my own business I get the pleasure to build quality relationships with my clients.
I also love knowing that I am selling high quality products that will enhance my customer’s life.

5) What changes would you like to see in the beauty industry?
The beauty industry must take responsibility for what they give consumers. From what signs their sending to young women to what ingredients that are being placed on the body, it must be conscious of how much power it holds in today’s society. It is key they are using that power to create a positive foundation rather than feeding off of people’s insecurities.

6) Where do you see your brand in the future?
Our branding is constantly expanding! We recently just opened up our new, chic full spa. In the future we will be launching a makeup line and also a clothing line.

7) Where can we reach you for more information?
You can find out more information from us at our website www.karensbodybeautiful.com or stop by our flagship store located at 436 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205.

Karen with her precious daughter

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