Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brush Up On This

In my quest for the balance of beauty and wellness, I've delved into the contents of my makeup kit like never before. I'm researching makeup that is more natural, organic and toxin-free, as what we put on our bodies inevitably goes into our bodies through our pores. Not an epiphany, but in the past I've just accepted certain things as the exceptions in my otherwise healthy lifestyle. Go figure! Anyways, now that I'm going deeper and "greening" my kit, one of the first things I wanted to change was my makeup brushes. Many brushes are made of animal hair such as squirrel, pony, goat, sable and mink. Every year millions of these animals are trapped, cruelly beaten and killed for their hair and fur. Not to mention the possibility of dead skin cells, bacteria and chemicals on the brushes that we use all over the face! Yikes. All great reasons to try these eco and animal friendly options:

"The Divinity Collection" of vegan brushes are designed by my good friend and makeup artist extraordinaire, Roque Cozzette. Each brush was created with premium synthetic hair and shaped for precise makeup application. These brushes are an incredibly luxurious and gorgeous addition to any makeup kit! http://kettcosmetics.com/

Alima Pure is my new favorite pure and natural makeup line, which I will report more on later. I'm using their sturdy set of cruelty-free brushes and I love 'em! They pick up just the right amount of product, which gives you more control in your application. http://www.alimapure.com

A wonderful treat that you can pick up in your local drugstore, Eco Tools offers this 5 piece set for under $10! Complete with a sustainable bamboo handles, recycled aluminum ferrules, soft taklon bristles and a hemp brush bag, this is a fantastic buy in every way. Veganista Alicia Silverstone has recently designed a limited edition set. http://www.parispresents.com/EcoTools_s/36.htm

Apply your makeup with peace of mind and elevated consciousness!


Renae B. said...

I actually have the Eco Tools brush kit and I love it! It's time to clean my brushes though. What do you recommend?

Anonymous said...

I use the Eco Tools kit like Renae! I use Sephora's brush cleaner- Rebecca, thumbs up or thumbs down?