Monday, November 9, 2009

On The Path

As part of my new and improved mission to help beautify AND heal the world, I'm working with this amazing live, organic, and vegan company called Organic Avenue. With two retail locations in Manhattan, the Lower East Side and West Village, and an Alkaline Elixir Bar/ Live Food Lounge opening this week, Organic Avenue is providing a tremendous service to New Yorkers. Featuring 100% organic, fresh pressed juices, live food entrees, desserts and high quality supplements, we have everything you need to support a lifestyle brimming with nutrition! We also specialize in several Cleanse programs,to help you detoxify and heal your body, get more energy and transition to healthier foods in a nourishing and balanced way. There are 5 different, 5 day programs that incorporate a synergistic menu of juices and/or food/soup depending on your needs and current diet. We deliver fresh daily from our kitchen to your home or work to make it even easier...

The juices are made with a Norwalk Press, which is known for producing the highest quality of juice, and sealed instantly in these super cool recycled glass bottles. My favorites so far are the Young Love (spinach, celery and cucumber), the best tasting Coconut Water and Mylk (from young Thai coconuts) and the sweet, creamy Carrot.

The all-live entrees include a Sunflower Falafel, Burrito, Lasagna, Coconut Cerviche and many more. Even salads make a truly delicious and satisfying meal with special ingredients like nut cheese, pine nuts and savory dressings. And the desserts...oh my! Currently in L.O.V.E with the Chocolate Macaroons, which use the real deal-raw cacao-and are virtually guilt free.YUM! I am so grateful to experience these delightful treats on the regular and can really go on for awhile about how awesome Organic Avenue is... but I will save that for my up and coming blog, featuring my experiences on The Path. Or even better, try it for yourself! Just wanted to give you a taste of beauty for the mind, body and spirit.
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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Introducing a Rising Star

Photo by John Russo Jeffrey Casciano, aka my beloved brother, in case you didn't know! An international model of 8 years and now an emerging Hollywood actor, Jeffrey's been a "natural" since we were kids. His fateful debut transpired a bit later, when he was scouted by a global model management company, then quickly sent off to work in South Africa, Germany, Spain and Italy. It was in Milan that he connected with an accomplished acting instructor based in Los Angeles and decided to make the natural transition. I've always been impressed with my baby bro's tenacity, passion and focus but Jeff has applied this to his acting career with unparalleled dedication! His professionally honed skills and deep respect for the business have already landed him roles in theatre productions, music videos, short and feature films, creating quite an impressive resume and earning him accolades from both his peers and mentors.
The image above is from About Face, a powerful book of 100 portraits by renowned celebrity photographer John Russo. Jeff had the honor of being featured amongst Hollywood's hottest actors such as Jason Lewis, Jesse Williams, Chase Crawford, Antonio Sabato Jr., Michael Ealy and many more. This beautiful hard-cover
book by Pixie Press is due out February 2010 and looks like a must-have!

Some of Jeffrey's latest editorial, shot by Reed Decker

Check out cool stuff.

I love the graphic, cinematic quality and how you can just see him getting into character!

Obviously, I'm SO proud of my bro and look forward to MAJOR things to come from him... and so should you! Enjoy the pics xoxo

DEX New York

I finally had a chance to visit DEX New York during Fashion's Night Out, for my friend Myrdith's celebration of her natural nail care line, m2m ( I had come across Dex's site awhile back during some internet surfing and was very curious about a beauty studio and makeup line that was new to me (I consider myself in the know on these things ;) First off, I was totally impressed with the space, which is very clean, modern and airy. The front door opens to a retail shop and beauty atrium, with stations for makeup and hair services. Down the hall, I was excited to find full service photography, makeup and hair studios. Now I knew I had to meet the creator, Dexter Phillips, to learn more about this unique spot. A stylist and image consultant, Dex had a good 20 years in the business when he decided to open the location a few years ago. Later he developed and introduced his signature line of modern mineral makeup, with the inspiration to offer women a healthier,eco-friendly, yet camera-ready, alternative. Dex wanted to use beneficial ingredients like minerals and peptides, while incorporating vibrant colors and finishes that could be used professionally. The other cool thing is that all DEX powders come sans packaging, so that each eyeshadow or foundation must be placed in a reusable portfolio. All this awesomeness, accompanied by his fantastic energy, gave me the feeling we would be working together in the near future... stay tuned ;)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Latest Inspiration...

is FOOD! Guess what? I have recently decided to pursue another passion of mine in the field of holistic nutrition. I've been a believer and advocate for 13 years now, beginning with yoga, meditation and spiritual studies in my college years. Soon after, I transitioned to a primarily vegan diet and began to explore holistic methods for my own health concerns. The more I learned, the more sense this lifestyle made, and I have personally experienced and witnessed tremendous healing through its practice. I love introducing people to the benefits of "conscious" eating and hopefully inspiring them to think more about what truly nourishes them.

So after my latest bit of soul searching, I had a revelation and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I have been interested in their program for awhile but now the time was right for me to make the shift! IIN's curriculum is truly integrative and explores dietary theory, bio-individuality, modern nutrition and the concept of primary food, as illustrated in the circle below. I am currently studying their online Warm Up program (which is awesome), the live classes start in February and I will be a certified Health Counselor (HC) in July 2010... yippee!

Integrative Nutrition's version of the Food Pyramid

In case you couldn't tell, I'm feeling totally empowered by my heightened mission, to help create beauty from the inside out! I will continue to work in makeup (cuz it's my art!) but I'm excited to add nutritional counseling and more to my offerings. I am in the process of creating a new blog where I look forward to sharing healthy, eco-friendly and fabulous finds for mind, body/beauty and spirit!