Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Livin' The Fantasy

My sister from another Mr. and favorite jewelry designer, Lorraine "Tasha" West just celebrated the one year anniversary of her website, http://tashawest.com. Inspired by the phrase "live the fantasy" Lorraine's jewelry is timeless, innovative, elegant and organic all at once. Her collection is worn and adored by style mavens and celebs such as Erykah Badu, Raphael Saadiq and Rosario Dawson. As of recently, her jewelry was picked up by Anthropologie and sold out of their Rockefeller Center flagship store in 2 days! To make Tasha West's anniversary cause for you to celebrate too, she's updated the website with recession pricing and added the Crest Shield earring seen above. Also check out her unique Astro cuffs, classic Nipple bangles (I haven't taken them off since I got 'em years ago) and place your order for summer now! 

Monday, June 29, 2009

Clean Beauty > InStyle

Yay! Studio Gear for Ulta Beauty has chosen this image from our 'hydrating skin care' shoot for their latest print ad, which will run in the upcoming makeover issue of InStyle magazine. 

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Read All About It!

Who knew that bits of newspaper can be recycled as a hair tool? Master hairstylist Jemma Muradian used this technique to produce a "irregularly shaped curls" for our gorgeous Davina Mulimbi. Wait til you see how it came out! 

Why Life is Beautiful Pt.2

So it's been raining consistently for the past 3 weeks or something here in Brooklyn, but I'm over complaining about it. First, because the temps have finally reached the 80's and second, the new "summer rains" have been leaving behind the most divine skies! The puffy pink and orange clouds on Friday night were brilliantly captured by my photographer/friend Shane Canyon Walsh, check his blog (http://canyonphotography.blogspot.com) for more really dope shots.  My gurrl Erin snapped these lovely images of rainbows and sunsets in Williamsburg on Saturday. Beautiful, indeed!

7 Questions For Wendy Hope

makeup by Kim Weber
makeup by Kim Weber
I met the dynamic beauty and celebrity photographer Wendy Hope several years ago, through one of the first photographers I worked with when I started makeup. I knew instantly that I wanted to shoot with her when I saw her glossy, color saturated images, plus she just seemed super cool- and she is! Years later, Wendy and I have developed a strong professional and personal relationship, collaborating on countless beauty stories and campaigns. Our mutual love of makeup and color has inspired stellar contributions to our portfolios and continues to create amazing opportunities. Those who know Wendy know she is a super hard working Capricorn with a slight obsession for all things shiny or glittery ;) Her infectious energy and endless creativity inspires everyone around to be equally committed to any given project. Now represented by the esteemed agency Artists & Creatives, we are sure to see major things to come from Wendy!

R) How did you get your start in the industry?
W) I modeled as "an American student" for an AT&T annual report while studying in Paris. I was taken out by the photographer who was a mentor for mark Seliger. Upon returning to the states, I landed an internship with Mark Seliger (chief cover/ feature photographer for Rolling Stone) Prints of Curt Kobain and Chris Cornell were all over the studio and I was in rock and roll heaven. I worked really hard and I got hired full time once I graduated. I mixed the chemistry in his darkroom and really learned black and white printing. I also ran errends, organized the studio, learned about running a business and eventually lighting and film basics.

R) What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
W) I really enjoy all aspects of what I do. I love the high energy and intensity, chaos and excitement of hardcore production. I love the entire creative process, the other artists I collaborate with, and I especially love the paycheck although its really not always about that.

R) Who/what inspires your work?
W) Colors as seen in nailpolishes and make up. The work of the make up artists, models faces, lighting, other photographers and artists, graffiti, liquid latex, books, my friends, my animals, the hallucigenics I did in my 20's, my vivid and often bizarre dreams.

R) How would you describe the signature style of your art?
W) Super clean and vibrant, a hybrid of pop culture meets photography.

R) What's your dream job or who would you like to work with at the moment?
W) A huge beauty campaign with an equally huge budget or a rock advertorial, shooting the next movie poster for True Blood or running away with and shooting the circus!

R) What are your favorite beauty products/trends/tips?
W) Armour Lipgloss, Gotha liquid black eyeliner and anything that sparkles and glitters...ooh yeah, and hydrating skin care products ;)

R) Where can we reach you for more information?

*Makeup by me, except where indicated

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Oh Michael, how I have loved you so! As a child of 7 when Thriller was released, I was totally smitten by your everything about you. My after school routine was to put on Thriller then dance and sing my lil' heart out, album sleeve in hand (to learn all the words, of course). I glued myself to the television watching music videos, waiting excitedly to see one of yours; I begged my parents to let me stay up later to see you perform on The Grammy's. At the sight of you, I shrieked and cried and smiled and laughed and loved your every move! Your music was the soundtrack to the fun, carefree days of my childhood and way beyond.
I know my fondest memories of you echo those of millions of people around the world, essentially what makes your legacy so profound. I also know you have sacrificed much to contribute your immense talents to us and I am ever so grateful to have experienced that. Your physical presence here will surely be missed but your magnificent gifts will be cherished for many, many, many years to come. Thank you Michael and enjoy your freedom, at last.

Farrah Fawcett 1947-2009

Actress, Style Icon, Artist, Angel...thank you for sharing your love and light with us. Rest In Peace Beauty!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lust For The Red Lip

Napoleon Perdis in Lust (2nd from left)

M.A.C. in Venetian

Pixi in Zuzana (2nd from right)

Obsessed as I am with the color red, I am always on the hunt for the perfect shades in lipstick and gloss. When it comes to my own makeup, I would say a red lip is my signature look, my staple. It just brightens the face and adds polish like nothing else! I have reds for every occasion and time of day, depending on how much of a pop I'm going for. For a bright lip, I go for the Napoleon Perdis' Chandelier Shine in Lust, or lipstick L143 by Make Up For Ever, they are both pretty opaque and quite vivid. These are my go-to colors for an evening out or special event. I usually pair them with a light eyeshadow, cat-eye black liner, lots of lash and a pink blush. My everyday favorite is M.A.C. Lustreglass in Venetian, as it's sheer but gives just the right amount of color. As you can imagine, I've tried tons of glosses but this is the one I always come back to. (It also works great on many different skin tones because it's just a touch of red) Last but not least- my gym lip, because you need a lil' something when you go for a workout, right? Just a dab of Pixi Lip Booster gives the sheerest amount of color and a glossy finish to your pout without screaming red lips at the gym! 

Try 'em for yourself:
www.napoleonperdis.com, www.maccosmetics.com, www.pixibeauty.com, www.makeupforever.com


Pretty Kitty?

I just received these fab felines in an email and had to share! The images actually come from book entitled "Why Paint Cats" by Burton Silver and Heather Busch. It's sparked quite a controversy about whether this is art or cruelty, which can be followed at www.whypaintcats.com. Some people insist the painting is done with non-toxic vegetable dyes and that the cats enjoy the process, while others are outraged about using an animal's body for creative expression. I found an article that claims that the book is a spoof and the cat's were Photoshopped, however the author's have remained tight-lipped regarding their technique. I'm torn, what do you think?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luscious & Bangin'

My friends in London are celebrating the one year anniversary of their blog, Luscious and Bangin', a fantastic mixture of entertainment news, trends, fashion, art and music. A collaboration of creative writer/journalist Azeez Adegbesan and fashion stylist/designer Theo Zornow, L&B brings an impeccable aesthetic and engaging commentary to the masses. The flyest in footwear is a staple here- Sneaker Saturdays and heels straight from the runway are pure eye candy! Theo and Azeez are also up on the latest in everything from celeb dish to politics and they present a humorous and insightful point of view. I'm so proud and inspired by their first year online...love you guys ;)! Please join them and enjoy! 

Above, a few of my favorite L&B finds...

Monday, June 8, 2009


It's always exciting to work with amazing talent and last Friday, I had the pleasure of doing makeup for the soulful singer/songwriter, Amel Larrieux. I've loved Amel's music since she appeared on the scene as the vocalist of the duo, Groove Theory. Their song "Tell Me" was like, the hottest song out the summer I moved to NYC, so it conjures extra special memories! Since then, Amel has branched out on her own, releasing five wonderful albums on her indie label, Blisslife. On Friday, June 5th she performed songs from her latest cd (above) to a captivated audience. A total natural beauty, I did Amel's makeup soft and pretty with a focus on her eyes and glowing skin. Although I forgot my camera (arrgh), I hope to work with Amel again soon and promise to take pics.

This is the video of her performance... Enjoy!
The Jerome L. Greene Performance Space - First Fridays at The Greene Space: Open Mic Night

Brilliant Lady

I came across this cool artist during one of my internet excursions and I loove her interpretations of beauty. Impressively, Leigh paints faces in two ways, as both a makeup artist and a fine artist. Often inspired by makeup and fashion, she creates arresting imagery on canvas using pastel, acrylic, oil, pencil and charcoal. You can see more of her work and purchase prints at http://www.jkldesign.etsy.com, but she will also be having a show this weekend in New York! Looks like she will be accompanied by a few fab female artists and no doubt, it will be a fine display of talent.
Her blog is awesome too, it's called Create- http://www.jkldesign.blospot.com- and features her latest works along with her inspirations.