Saturday, January 31, 2009

Street "Beat"

In the gritty city, I think images of the female face provide a welcome diversion, especially when depicted in an artistic way. I love the beauty and expression of these pieces and their locations add to the intrigue. I spotted them on the sides of buildings in Milan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles, respectively.

PS) For those who don't know, "beat" is makeup artist slang for a slammin' makeup application ;) In London they call it their "slap", I really don't know why these terms sound so violent...anyone know where they originated? Please share...

Oh, Edie!

It's been a few years since I did makeup for this Edie Sedgwick- inspired story (photographed by Maggie Goudsmit for Zink magazine) but I never get tired of these images. Edie was a model, actress, socialite, heiress and 1960's style icon, best known for her involvement with prolific artist and film maker Andy Warhol. During the mid 60's, she was Warhol's companion and muse, holding court at The Factory and starring in several of his short films. Her distinctive flair for clothing and makeup made her one of the most notable fashionistas of her time. Although Edie's life was brief, her glamour, style and spirit left an indelible impression on many.

I was more than happy to interpret Edie's characteristic elongated brows, dramatic eyes and pale lip on our model Ingrid Schram. Ingrid was the perfect choice to "play" Edie, in real-life she embodies the unique beauty and bohemian style of a modern day Sedgwick. Still, we were astonished on set as we watched Ingrid gracefully morph into the role. This project remains one of my favorite shoots to date, and I have a feeling Edie will live on in my portfolio for some time.

PS) If you haven't seen the 2006 film"Factory Girl", starring Sienna Miller, check it out ;)

Many thanks to:
Photographer: Maggie Goudsmit @
Hair: GiGi @ Arte Salon
Model: Ingrid Schram @ Elite
Stylist: Elizabeth Entin @

Fuerza Bruta Rocks

I had the enormous pleasure of seeing my friend, actress and dancer, Jessica Ilia Castro in the exhilarating theatrical experience, Fuerza Bruta. The translation, brute force, reflects the shows exploration of life's vigorous physical and emotional impacts. From the creators of the performance spectacular De La Guarda, Fuerza Bruta is a provocative, sensory feast! The eye-popping visual effects include a giant acrylic pool, which descends from the ceiling until it's close enough for the audience to actually touch. Lithe female performers jump, swim and frolic in the water like sea nymphs, exquisitely illuminated with vibrant colors. In another sequence, a Mylar curtain surrounds the entire audience and the performers run and bounce along the curtain while suspended by cords. The awesome, throbbing house/techno beats kept my friends and I dancing and wildly cheering our girl, the multi-talented Jess. (We are sooo proud and impressed!)

FB was unlike any show I have ever seen and I have to say it was the BEST!!! I think I smiled all the way home that night. Words or pictures cannot adequately describe this experience, so I strongly urge you to see for yourself. Be prepared to be on your feet, moving around the space, looking up and around, participating in this dynamic and brilliant production. I was able to snap a few stunning shots amidst the fun, hope you enjoy them. For more information, visit

Love for Murakami

Last spring, the Brooklyn Museum presented an exhibition of the acclaimed Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami. My friend/photographer Wendy Hope suggested we shoot a beauty story inspired by his colorful, graphic imagery. At the same time, my father was in town visiting, so we agreed to incorporate it into our plans. After a satisfying brunch at Beast, in Prospect Heights, Daddio and I walked over to the museum and took in the intoxicating buzz of Murakami. We were struck by the grand imagination and explosive energy of this artist. His range includes painting, sculpture and commercial goods (such as the fabulous Louis Vuitton bags) and is characterized by anime and manga (comic book) inspired graphics. Bizarre mushrooms, bubbles, and tons of eyeballs are featured throughout, and from this I drew much inspiration for the upcoming shoot. Dad was equally amused!

For our shoot, a circular feel was decided on for both makeup and hair, as this was a major theme in Murakami's work. I carefully hand-painted the designs on model Kai Li's face and hair stylist Lacy Redway fabricated amazing hair wheels and buns in various sizes. To create the designs, I used Make Up For Ever's Flash Color, a palette containing opaque greasepaints in several shades. Kai Li has fabulous skin, so I just used a bit of Kett Fixx Creme and she was absolutely flawless! I enjoyed the detailed painting so much and hoped to channel our muse; I think all the elements came together quite beautifully. Wendy captured our avante garde creations and the graceful movements of Kai Li in a fun, fearless way I hope Murakami would appreciate.
The Australian magazine, Highlights has published the story in their winter 2009 issue.

Thanks to the team for making the vision pop!

Photo by Wendy Hope @
Model, Kai Li @ apm model management
Hair by Lacy Redway @
Nails by Stacy E. Welch @

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dedication to Grandma Casciano

I am obsessed with old-fashioned pictures and this one of my grandmother on her wedding day is truly beautiful and magical. The warmth and happiness in her eyes carried her thru her entire life, to age 93, and I feel blessed to have experienced her vibrant energy and eternal kindness. Thank you Grandma, I love you and miss you!

Please email me your favorite family photos, I would love to pay homage to all the amazing women who have made our journeys possible!