Sunday, November 8, 2009

DEX New York

I finally had a chance to visit DEX New York during Fashion's Night Out, for my friend Myrdith's celebration of her natural nail care line, m2m ( I had come across Dex's site awhile back during some internet surfing and was very curious about a beauty studio and makeup line that was new to me (I consider myself in the know on these things ;) First off, I was totally impressed with the space, which is very clean, modern and airy. The front door opens to a retail shop and beauty atrium, with stations for makeup and hair services. Down the hall, I was excited to find full service photography, makeup and hair studios. Now I knew I had to meet the creator, Dexter Phillips, to learn more about this unique spot. A stylist and image consultant, Dex had a good 20 years in the business when he decided to open the location a few years ago. Later he developed and introduced his signature line of modern mineral makeup, with the inspiration to offer women a healthier,eco-friendly, yet camera-ready, alternative. Dex wanted to use beneficial ingredients like minerals and peptides, while incorporating vibrant colors and finishes that could be used professionally. The other cool thing is that all DEX powders come sans packaging, so that each eyeshadow or foundation must be placed in a reusable portfolio. All this awesomeness, accompanied by his fantastic energy, gave me the feeling we would be working together in the near future... stay tuned ;)

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