Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Ruben Toledo

I would like to introduce consummate artist and a major inspiration, Ruben Toledo. Using paint, pencils and just about anything in his reach, Ruben creates distinctive, whimsical illustrations for clients such as Harper's Bazaar, New York Times, Nordstrom's, Barney's and his wife, fashion designer Isabel Toledo. Noted as "The First Couple of Fashion", Ruben and Isabel have been creating together in a most harmonious synergy for 25 years now. Their artistic vision is so in sync that Ruben sketches and paints Isabel's ideas and patterns for garments. Currently, this brilliant collaboration is on exhibit at The Museum at FIT, in conjunction with Isabel's book, Fashion from the Inside Out.

A perfect depiction of their connection! Love his calligraphic style...

Water color painting Isabel's designs with vibrant colors and chic, edgy women.

These dresses are extraordinary!

Born of Cuban decent and raised in New York City, Ruben and Isabel are very much in tune with their multi-cultural roots and the beauty of all people. Their muses are real women and people living their life with passion.

Also from the exhibit...

Shot by Ruven Afanador and painted by Ruben

Editorial work for Bazaar

LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE! Stay tuned for more on the Toledo's- they were the highlight of my Fashion Week!

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