Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Beauty is Healing is Beauty

Aldys, Sheila, Theresa, Me, Linh and Teresa

Trace beautifying...

Sheila with grateful client

Teresa's healing power

With Director of Therapeutic Recreation, Ron Becker

Volunteering my makeup services to those with disabilities and/or major challenges is something I've wanted to do for quite some time. However as many of us tend to get absorbed in our daily lives, I hadn't taken the time to seek out the opportunity. In that magical way that life gives you exactly what you need, the chance to give back came to me unexpectedly, through a family friend that I hadn't seen in many years. When I talked with Ron at a recent family function, he told me of his work as the Director of Therapeutic Recreation at Coler Goldwater Hospital. This facility provides long term rehabilitative and medical care for residents who suffer from various conditions such as strokes, cerebal palsy, muscular dystrophy and accidental injuries. Many of them are paraplegic and quadriplegic and will reside in the hospital for extended periods, some for the rest of their lives. Ron helps to bring a higher quality of life to the residents and empowers them to take more initiative in their daily lives. When I expressed my desire to volunteer with them, Ron took me up on it right away, explaining that he was planning a Spa Day with the residents very soon.

I am happy to say I was a part of the 1st Beauty and Spa Day at Coler Goldwater and it was the most rewarding experience! I was able to organize an amazing team of colleagues and friends who gave their time, energy and talents selflessly. We offered makeup application, brow grooming, hair styling and reiki, in addition to the manicures, massages and fruit smoothies provided for this special day. Many of the residents had never or scarcely received these treatments and their appreciation was shown in so many ways. Their perpetual smiles, sincere words of gratitude and uplifted energy was a priceless gift we will always remember. We left the facility that day with a deep sense of peace and satisfaction, knowing that we truly touched the lives of these strong and beautiful people.

This event and many, many others at Coler Goldwater would not be possible without the Angelica Patient Assistance Program. This awesome organization was founded by volunteers and is dedicated to providing recreational, cultural, educational, social programs and much more to the residents. Through their love and charitable efforts, the hospital has also received an aquarium, a horticulture center and meditation garden. You can imagine how much of an impact these gifts have on the people that live there!

To learn more, volunteer or donate to Angelica, visit their site at

MANY THANKS to the TEAM- makeup artists Sheila McKenna/Kett Cosmetics, Trace Byers, Georgi Sandev, Aldys Minaya and Theresa Francine, hair stylist Linh Nguyen and reiki energy healer Teresa Benoit and the staff at Coler Goldwater

To Joe Lombardo at Artists & Creatives and Ted Rubin at eyeslipsface/e.l.f., who so generously donated cases of french manicure kits for the event.

And of course, to my friend and inspiration Ron Becker and the people of the Angelica, who work each day to make a difference.


Kristen said...

Beautiful, Bec. You are so special and this is a great example of your generous spirit.

benoit said...

What a special, rewarding day this was for all receiving and giving. xo

Trace said...

this was a great day!