Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get On The Boat

I recently had the pleasure and delight of working on location at the historic Lightship Frying Pan, which was built in 1929, then sailed into the Chelsea Piers sixty years later. I've actually been to parties on this boat but it was awesome to visit during the day and take in all the sights. There was fascinating detail and texture inside, like rooms with old bunk beds and medicine cabinets and weather beaten walls. SO cool! Turns out lightships once served as floating lighthouses, helping to guide other ships and mark the entrances to harbors and the Frying Pan is one of the few remaining. 
The rustic elements provided an amazing environment for our story, which featured Norwegian beauty Nina (Muse Models), as a ghost roaming the abandoned ship. Julia Pogodina, the producer and photographer, brought together a great team of stylists. Ursula Agurto, the fashion stylist, literally jumped on the boat only days before the shoot, but managed to pull off black-magical latex gowns, funky sculptural pieces and whimsical accessories like masks and horns! DJ Riggs whipped the hair into a gorgeous, Marie Antoinette- like confection and I was then, totally inspired for the makeup. I gave her dark, dramatic brows and rimmed her eyes with a fuchsia. For her skin, I kept her quite pale and dewy for an ethereal look. Beyond the Glam Squad, we even had the coolest prop stylist, Veronkia Ossi. She brought empty picture frames, birdcages, velvet throws and candlesticks to enhance the sunken ship vibe. Can't wait to see where this story lands, or should I say, docks ;) Hehe

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EDIA said...

Dope work....nice write up. The visuals, look are so edgy!!