Tuesday, July 28, 2009


photo by Tracy Toler

I'm looking forward to meeting with my web designer this week, we will be updating RebeccaCasciano.com with new images and a new look for the upcoming Fall. Although I hope summer lasts into October, the next season will be officially upon us soon enough. Fall makeup and fashion is about deep velvety earth tones, metallics and of course, black... but in the meantime, enjoy your bronzers, summer brights and whites!
Stay tuned for the latest and thanks sooo much for your support- xoRC

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Ultimate Silver Bullet

An exciting collaboration in the world of cosmetics, Guerlain's Rouge G de Guerlain Lipstick Compact features shimmering color encased in a gorgeous and functional metal case by Parisian jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer. The cap ingeniously opens to a double sided mirror with the click of a button so you can apply your lipstick with precision and style. It comes in 25 shades and is said to be long-lasting, lip plumping etc. but I think the case itself is worth the $45 splurge...oh-so chic!

Wicked Dames

I was honored to work on this awesome retro series, entitled Wicked Dames, with photographer Vlad Voloshin. Inspired by the film "Sin City", as well as 1940's film noir, Vlad created, produced, art directed and sometimes even styled this project. His vast knowledge of 1930's-40's fashion and lighting techniques contributed to the impeccable execution of Wicked Dames. I re-created the classic glamour makeup looks on these two shoots and Michelle Grimm mastered the intricate retro hair styles for the entire series! Vlad has received a good deal of press on Wicked Dames, including a finalist spot in American Photo magazine's 'Image of the Year', and this recent video clip in L'espresso magazine (The Italian equivalent of The New York Times). Check out the complete series and listen to the lovely Italian commentary here:


Friday, July 24, 2009

Simple Pleasures

I was overjoyed to come home from LA to an unexpected package of pure makeup fun. These richly pigmented glosses were sent to me by a friend (thanks Katie) and I can't wait to use 'em! A beauty shoot is in order, stay tuned...


During a recent visit to the reference library at M.A.C. Pro, I happened upon a book of work by 1940's and 50's fashion photographer, Erwin Blumenfeld. What initially caught my eye was some of my favorite vintage Vogue covers by Blumenfeld, but then I found the rest of these brilliant images... and I'm officially a fan.

Magical Moment

My favorite image from a shoot I did with Australian photographer, George Favios. He captured this using natural light and a timely gust of wind on a rooftop in midtown Manhattan. Our model Cynthia channeled the smoldering beauty Adriana Lima, with gorgeous hair by my girl Jemma Muradian.

Beauty with Wei

Our story is featured in the latest issue of Highlights magazine, on stands NOW!


Love and light to the one and only hip-hop medicine man, Supa Nova Slom, on the release of his latest CD, The Remedy! I've had the distinct pleasure of getting to know this unique and magnetic being over the past several years and I was thrilled to work with him on this project. I did light touch ups on SNS and a glamorous smokey eye for his lovely lady friend, LaChontae.
Supa Nova is revolutionary recording artist, healer and public speaker dedicated to educating and uplifting the world and especially the youth. He manages to integrate his street cred, holistic training and Ancient Khemetic knowledge into everything he creates. The energy and passion of this man is truly infectious! But please don't just believe me, check out his intergalactic site @ www.supanovaslom.com. Don't miss out on The Remedy!

CD Photos: Wendy Hope, Stylist: Ashaka Givens, Jewelry: Lorraine West, Hair: Hadiiya Barbel

The City of Angels

Part of my hiatus from Life is Beautiful was spent discovering the sunny and very beautiful Los Angeles with my family. This dazzling sunset was just taken during our trip to the Griffith Park Observatory, up in the hills. I played with the image a bit in iPhoto just to jazz it up a bit ;)
More pics to come from a fab time in LA (one of my future home cities) but in the meantime I have lots to update! Let's go!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Get On The Boat

I recently had the pleasure and delight of working on location at the historic Lightship Frying Pan, which was built in 1929, then sailed into the Chelsea Piers sixty years later. I've actually been to parties on this boat but it was awesome to visit during the day and take in all the sights. There was fascinating detail and texture inside, like rooms with old bunk beds and medicine cabinets and weather beaten walls. SO cool! Turns out lightships once served as floating lighthouses, helping to guide other ships and mark the entrances to harbors and the Frying Pan is one of the few remaining. 
The rustic elements provided an amazing environment for our story, which featured Norwegian beauty Nina (Muse Models), as a ghost roaming the abandoned ship. Julia Pogodina, the producer and photographer, brought together a great team of stylists. Ursula Agurto, the fashion stylist, literally jumped on the boat only days before the shoot, but managed to pull off black-magical latex gowns, funky sculptural pieces and whimsical accessories like masks and horns! DJ Riggs whipped the hair into a gorgeous, Marie Antoinette- like confection and I was then, totally inspired for the makeup. I gave her dark, dramatic brows and rimmed her eyes with a fuchsia. For her skin, I kept her quite pale and dewy for an ethereal look. Beyond the Glam Squad, we even had the coolest prop stylist, Veronkia Ossi. She brought empty picture frames, birdcages, velvet throws and candlesticks to enhance the sunken ship vibe. Can't wait to see where this story lands, or should I say, docks ;) Hehe