Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

Oh Michael, how I have loved you so! As a child of 7 when Thriller was released, I was totally smitten by your everything about you. My after school routine was to put on Thriller then dance and sing my lil' heart out, album sleeve in hand (to learn all the words, of course). I glued myself to the television watching music videos, waiting excitedly to see one of yours; I begged my parents to let me stay up later to see you perform on The Grammy's. At the sight of you, I shrieked and cried and smiled and laughed and loved your every move! Your music was the soundtrack to the fun, carefree days of my childhood and way beyond.
I know my fondest memories of you echo those of millions of people around the world, essentially what makes your legacy so profound. I also know you have sacrificed much to contribute your immense talents to us and I am ever so grateful to have experienced that. Your physical presence here will surely be missed but your magnificent gifts will be cherished for many, many, many years to come. Thank you Michael and enjoy your freedom, at last.


Dina Yassin said...

I love your tribute!!! I can so relate:)

Erin said...

these images are beautiful. that smile! i can feel him in each and every one of those photos. great choices bec. long sigh... time to get some tissues... again.i loved me some MJ. EVERY song i hear of his takes me back to a happy and profound memory... thank you michael for blessing my life!!