Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Luscious & Bangin'

My friends in London are celebrating the one year anniversary of their blog, Luscious and Bangin', a fantastic mixture of entertainment news, trends, fashion, art and music. A collaboration of creative writer/journalist Azeez Adegbesan and fashion stylist/designer Theo Zornow, L&B brings an impeccable aesthetic and engaging commentary to the masses. The flyest in footwear is a staple here- Sneaker Saturdays and heels straight from the runway are pure eye candy! Theo and Azeez are also up on the latest in everything from celeb dish to politics and they present a humorous and insightful point of view. I'm so proud and inspired by their first year online...love you guys ;)! Please join them and enjoy! 

Above, a few of my favorite L&B finds...


Azeez Adegbesan said...

Aw, thanks for the love, support and shout out. U inspire us just as much too... much love L&B xx

T Zornow said...

Hey Becks, thanks for the love and support!!!! Will talk to you soon!!!! xoxo