Sunday, June 28, 2009

7 Questions For Wendy Hope

makeup by Kim Weber
makeup by Kim Weber
I met the dynamic beauty and celebrity photographer Wendy Hope several years ago, through one of the first photographers I worked with when I started makeup. I knew instantly that I wanted to shoot with her when I saw her glossy, color saturated images, plus she just seemed super cool- and she is! Years later, Wendy and I have developed a strong professional and personal relationship, collaborating on countless beauty stories and campaigns. Our mutual love of makeup and color has inspired stellar contributions to our portfolios and continues to create amazing opportunities. Those who know Wendy know she is a super hard working Capricorn with a slight obsession for all things shiny or glittery ;) Her infectious energy and endless creativity inspires everyone around to be equally committed to any given project. Now represented by the esteemed agency Artists & Creatives, we are sure to see major things to come from Wendy!

R) How did you get your start in the industry?
W) I modeled as "an American student" for an AT&T annual report while studying in Paris. I was taken out by the photographer who was a mentor for mark Seliger. Upon returning to the states, I landed an internship with Mark Seliger (chief cover/ feature photographer for Rolling Stone) Prints of Curt Kobain and Chris Cornell were all over the studio and I was in rock and roll heaven. I worked really hard and I got hired full time once I graduated. I mixed the chemistry in his darkroom and really learned black and white printing. I also ran errends, organized the studio, learned about running a business and eventually lighting and film basics.

R) What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
W) I really enjoy all aspects of what I do. I love the high energy and intensity, chaos and excitement of hardcore production. I love the entire creative process, the other artists I collaborate with, and I especially love the paycheck although its really not always about that.

R) Who/what inspires your work?
W) Colors as seen in nailpolishes and make up. The work of the make up artists, models faces, lighting, other photographers and artists, graffiti, liquid latex, books, my friends, my animals, the hallucigenics I did in my 20's, my vivid and often bizarre dreams.

R) How would you describe the signature style of your art?
W) Super clean and vibrant, a hybrid of pop culture meets photography.

R) What's your dream job or who would you like to work with at the moment?
W) A huge beauty campaign with an equally huge budget or a rock advertorial, shooting the next movie poster for True Blood or running away with and shooting the circus!

R) What are your favorite beauty products/trends/tips?
W) Armour Lipgloss, Gotha liquid black eyeliner and anything that sparkles and glitters...ooh yeah, and hydrating skin care products ;)

R) Where can we reach you for more information?

*Makeup by me, except where indicated

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