Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thanks, Mom!

A Woman in the Mirror by Picasso

When it comes to my first memories of makeup, hair and fashion, my mother was definitely the catalyst. A brown-eyed beauty whose looks were often compared with stunner Raquel Welch, mom took pride in her appearance and was always well put together. In other words, she didn't go out without her hair done, lipstick on and a cute outfit! Mom changed her look almost as much as I do now, experimenting with different hair colors and styles. She encouraged me to have fun with self-expression, allowing me to crimp my hair and get the much-coveted, spiral perm in the 6th grade. (It was the eighties!) A bit later, mom taught me how to groom my eyebrows, add a bit of blush and lipgloss. It wasn't anything she imposed on me, just a natural part of becoming a young woman that I welcomed and enjoyed. While many of my other friends had to hide their makeup or clothing from their parents, I felt really lucky that my mom would actually teach me how to wear it. I don't have a daughter but I do think that this is a much healthier way of embracing the teenage years and beyond. To this day I'm so grateful for my mom's inspiration and loving guidance into the world of beauty! Little did she know that years later, I would be making up hundreds of faces with the knowledge and enthusiasm she passed on to me. 

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Kristen said...

Would love to meet your super cool Mama one day. I'm sure Raquel has nothing on her!