Monday, April 27, 2009

7 Questions For Mykel

There are a few very special people who have mentored me in my career, but the first and one of the most influential, is makeup artist Mykel Renner. I won't forget the day we met, when I stopped by the M.A.C. Pro shop where he was working, to purchase product for my first makeup kit. I had just decided to pursue makeup, so I was reallyyy anxious to get started on my new profession. I remember looking around at 'Pro, feeling overwhelmed by choices and questions. That's when Mykel approached me to help- decked in couture, platform shoes and a flawless 'beat'! His obvious skills and warm personality made me feel comfortable instantly (as I think most of his clients would agree). He left a huge impression on me that day; I was honored to work with him at M.A.C. (a year later) and even more so to call him my close friend and mentor today. Every time I hang out with Mykel, he inspires me with a new film, book, artist or product. His diverse repertoire and willingness to share has made a huge impact on my journey, and I am ever-so grateful!

Renner's makeup talents and credits are extensive, including celebrities such as Jody Watley, Chris Cornell, runway for couture shows in Milan and Paris with Pat McGrath and designer/key makeup artist for the Broadway hit La Cage Au Folle. His authentic Mexican cooking is also amazing!

R: How did you get your start in the industry?
M: I began about 20 years ago in Southern Cali. I was quite enamored by the music & fashion of the 70's + 80's, and it was something that my instinct, spirit, and soul told me to pursue. Back then I was quite painted (if you know I mean) and self-expression was something that was natural, no matter what the consequences were. Right from 11th grade, one of my teachers had encouraged me to go to
Cosmetology school & w/the programs that were being offered then, I decided to follow through. I didn't pay a single $ for my education. The Government did. Thank You! Within 1 week of getting my license, I went to work @ a local salon assisting a head stylist, and also started doing faces & brows for walk-in clients.

R: What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
M: There are several. Meeting and working w/ amazing people, worldwide traveling, and creative gratification.

R: Who/what inspires your work?
M: My inspiration comes from my surroundings, friends, environment, travel, films, books, art, photography, music, experiences.

R: How would you describe your signature style?
M: Hmmm, it ranges from ultra clean to editorial, couture to abstract. I like to explore all aspects of makeup.

R: What's your dream job or who would you like to work with at the moment?
M: To land some campaigns and make some serious $. And continue to travel around the globe paintin' faces.

R: What are your favorite beauty products/trends/tips?
M: My favorites goodies: ARC Professional Peels, Exuviance/Skinrise Tonic, Bioderm/Crealine, Sens' Eyes//Make Up For Ever, Embryolisse/Creme Lait, Kett Fixx+Airbrush MUP+ Sett powder,
Anna Sui Blushes, Hakuhodo Brushes, Shu Uemura Pencils/Lash Curler, & Armani Creme Blushes.
My tips: Take care of your skin. Drink plenty of water, avoid smoking, and if you're in the sun, apply plenty of SPF.
Do the eyes first. Keep your brows clean and curl your's a instant eye opener.

R: Where can we reach you for more information?
M: +

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