Sunday, March 8, 2009

For The Love of Art

Last week, I assisted the fabulous Angela DiCarlo and six other great makeup artists on the latest performance/sculpture by Italian artist Vanessa Beecroft. VB64 was Vanessa's first public performance in New York since 2000 and opened this past Friday, March 6th at Deitch Studio in Long Island City, Queens. Best known for her provoking presentations featuring nude women, Beecroft introduced gesso cast sculptures laid out alongside the live models. Their hair and bare bodies covered completely in white, the women resembled the sculptures in various poses as they were filmed and photographed. Produced by fan and collabo Kanye West, the performance film will be part of the exbhibit at Deitch LIC until April 12, 2009.

Inspired by Renaissance sculpture, VB64 pushes the boundaries of reality and fantasy, model and audience. It was both exciting and challenging to be a part of this project... achieving and maintaining pure white makeup on 20 models, from head to toe, proved to be quite a mission! After hours of painting, buffing, powdering and spraying, there was a sense of satisfaction as the models lay motionless amongst the cast sculptures.

As a fan of the avante garde, I tend to appreciate art that is outside the box, visually striking and incites emotion. Vanessa Beecroft's work represents all these elements and more. Often controversial for her use of the nude women and the social, political and historical concepts she presents, Vanessa implores you to question, respond and experience her art. I've posted a few of my favorite works here but you can see all of VB's projects at I plan to go back to Deitch to see how the the filming turned out soon.

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Azeez Adegbesan said...

This is amazing. I've just sat here for ten minutes looking at the pictures. It's so difficult to decipher the real life models from the cast sculptures... great job!