Tuesday, March 24, 2009

7 Questions For Andrea Richter

When I first began doing makeup, I shot with a photographer who referred me to celebrity makeup artist Andrea Richter. She was in need of an assistant for an upcoming commercial job and I was eager for experience (still am!) so she hired me to help out. We hit it off instantly and as Andrea tested me out on set, it became apparent we would make a great team. I was happy to be her sidekick on cool gigs like music videos and commercials but even better, Andrea was willing to school me on everything from set etiquette to product and technique. If you work in the industry, you know how valuable this is...priceless!

Andrea's experience, professionalism and gorgeous makeup have earned her an extensive celebrity clientele including beauties like Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Serena & Venus Williams, Annie Lennox and Rosario Dawson. Her light hand and expertise at matching skin tones has made leading men such as Jay-Z, Diddy and Nelly look flawless yet natural for the camera. One of my favorite jobs was assisting Andrea on the Britney Spears video, "Me Against the Music", featuring none other than Madonna! We did Brit's dancers but watching Madonna in action was the highlight! I've learned sooo much from Andrea over the years and wish her continued success.

Thanks a million girlie!

R: How did you get your start in the industry?
A: A good friend fresh out of film school encouraged me to assist another artist on a commercial. He was kind enough to teach me set etiquette, and basics of networking.
(R: Hehe, sounds familiar. Guess that's why she was kind enough to help me! Good karma)

R: What is your favorite aspect of what you do?
A: Making someone look beautiful, makes them feel beautiful. Showing the inner beauty on the outside.

R: Who/what inspires your work?
A: I am constantly looking at street style, magazines, going to museums, and looking back at fashion from the past.

R: How would you describe your signature style?
A: Soft, clean, flirty and feminine...with lashes ;)

R: What's your dream job or who would you like to work with at the moment?
A: I am happy and thankful to be blessed with the clients I have. I love not having a regular show to do, as creativity can get stagnant.

R: What are your favorite beauty products and tips for up and coming makeup artists?
A: Stila eye shadows, used damp with a Shu Uemura synthetic brush. Nars blushes. Eve Pearl salmon concealors. Alcone sponges. Lashes from Ray's Beauty. Crown brushes. M.A.C. moisture blend foundation used as concealer. Duo lash glue in clear.
Tips: Practice on real people, not models. Blend, blend, then blend some more. Be willing to assist, or work for free: you won't learn as much working by yourself. Leave the heels at home, this is not a party. Never gossip, the client will think you will gossip about them.

R: Where can we reach you for more information?
A: andrearichtermakeup@gmail.com

You heard it here folks!

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