Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Fabulous Tamara de Lempicka

My last entry felt incomplete with without talking about the first image, happily found outside an art supply shop in Milan, Italy. It's a reproduction of one of my favorite artists', 1920's and 30's painter, Tamara de Lempicka. Born in Poland, Tamara later created her legacy throughout Europe, Milan and Paris. Her brave, distinctive artistic style was often commissioned by aristocrats, duccesses and the haute bourgeois. Both a workaholic and a party girl, Lempicka hung out in the artsy bohemian circle, openly indulging in the freedom of the Roaring 20's. (woohoo!)

The subjects of her paintings were most often independent, strong, free-spirited, sensual women. Their uninhibited, cool glamour was surely a reflection of Tamara's lifestyle and ideals. She painted many of her muses complete with gorgeous makeup, perfectly coiffed hair and flowing goddess gowns. Ahhh, the makeup! Gotta love the pencil-thin, stylized brows, smoldering eyes and red-stained pout, with a "soft cubism"/Lempicka flair. I absolutely love these works...apparently I'm in good company, Madonna is a huge collector of TdL's art and has used her pieces in several of her music videos and tour sets!  I hope to have a few of my very own someday!

Above: Irene and Her Sisters, Ragazze, Autoportrait (a self portrait), Portrait de Madame P, The Green Turban.

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