Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mama Africa

This season of New York Fashion Week, I worked with M.A.C. on makeup for the Arise magazine African Collective show. The show launched the global fashion and culture magazine and showcased the looks of four designers; Xuly Bet, Stoned Cherry, MOMO and Tiffany Amber. The collective represented some of Africa's top designers and models, as well as the most notable African-American, Caribbean, Asian and European models in fashion. I thought it was a great reflection of the international beauty and diversity that is finally getting some well-deserved attention.

Upon arriving to the tents, I was thrilled to see the group of gorgeous models showing up for Arise's show. There were several of my favorite faces like Alek Wek, Liya Kabede and Oluchi, plus a bevy of stunning brown skinned women and one man (The Man ;) Tyson Beckford! The makeup was very natural and minimal; the look highlighted their rich skin tones, striking features and of course, the colorful clothing. Quite a dazzling display already, the backstage area burst into excitement when none other than Grace Jones strutted through! It was a treat to see this 60 year old ICON/goddess up close, her skin and body are really, really amazing, not to mention the energy she exudes. Grace walked for designer Xuly Bet, who also paid homage to our new Prez, with Barack emblazoned t-shirt dresses. (Stay tuned for a future post on Grace- I have to!)

Fashion, culture and beauty at its' finest! Enjoy! 

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Azeez Adegbesan said...

hey Becks, I'm running low on my spicy brown foundation... throw some M.A.C my way. Show looks bananas. can't wait to read the post about Gracie... Was it true she stormed the VIP area and chucked everyone out? Who would argue with her. Such a diva... I love it!