Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh, Edie!

It's been a few years since I did makeup for this Edie Sedgwick- inspired story (photographed by Maggie Goudsmit for Zink magazine) but I never get tired of these images. Edie was a model, actress, socialite, heiress and 1960's style icon, best known for her involvement with prolific artist and film maker Andy Warhol. During the mid 60's, she was Warhol's companion and muse, holding court at The Factory and starring in several of his short films. Her distinctive flair for clothing and makeup made her one of the most notable fashionistas of her time. Although Edie's life was brief, her glamour, style and spirit left an indelible impression on many.

I was more than happy to interpret Edie's characteristic elongated brows, dramatic eyes and pale lip on our model Ingrid Schram. Ingrid was the perfect choice to "play" Edie, in real-life she embodies the unique beauty and bohemian style of a modern day Sedgwick. Still, we were astonished on set as we watched Ingrid gracefully morph into the role. This project remains one of my favorite shoots to date, and I have a feeling Edie will live on in my portfolio for some time.

PS) If you haven't seen the 2006 film"Factory Girl", starring Sienna Miller, check it out ;)

Many thanks to:
Photographer: Maggie Goudsmit @
Hair: GiGi @ Arte Salon
Model: Ingrid Schram @ Elite
Stylist: Elizabeth Entin @

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